Warkworth Old Cement Works

An hour out of Auckland and just 5 minutes out of Warkworth you can find the ruins of the old cement works nestled amongst the trees. A century ago, 180 men worked shifts quarrying and crushing limestone that was ground into Portland cement which went into many buildings around NZ. Cement production was phased out from 1918 after a company merger and the buildings were abandoned and left to decay in 1929. Though it was not just the ravages of time which affected the buildings, a demolition exercise during WW2 also added to the destruction.

The old quarry has been filled with fresh water and is now a popular summer swimming spot. The water is deep enough to jump from the banks or the many surrounding trees. Many people make a day trip of the location, grabbing food for a picnic from the close by Walkworth shops on the way.

Warkworth, NZ

59km from Auckland CBD
Deep freshwater swimming hole
Good reception
Plenty of cafes nearby

Getting There

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